Embraced by the seasoned, shunned by the rest, notorious are the Pacific Northwest skies. In this series, I seek to express a textural landscape of the region’s unique nephology. From an almost indistinguishable haze to slivers of golden light, the cascades deserve a dynamic treatment beyond the often described gray skies.



  • MG-Portrait
  • The Pacific Northwest

    As a native to the PNW, I’m continually amazed by the region we share and proud to call it home. Being on the Sound or in the Cascades is an incredible grounding force, which provides a crystal clear mind on set.

  • Minimalism

    With a strong passion to promote minimalism in all aspects of life, a vibrant simplicity is reflected through my work. Some of my greatest inspirations come from capturing harmonious geometry found in nature, which perfectly aligns with the design world.




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